Learn how to use 
 core process
 It will help you and your team reach your goals and improve performance, emphasizing communication, active listening, self-awareness, and accountability. 

This 4-hour online workshop is designed for military leaders who are seeking practical coaching tools and solutions that work. The Coaching 101 course utilizes the CORE process (Call, Own, Respond, Execute) to help participants effectively coach individuals and teams toward healthy, high performance. Participants will learn key coaching concepts and techniques through small group discussions and activities, including active listening, asking powerful questions, and providing constructive feedback. 

The course will also emphasize the importance of communication, self-awareness, and accountability. Participants will develop their coaching skills, build relationships, enhance communication skills, and learn how to set and achieve goals. 

Through the CORE process, they will also gain self-awareness, identify their strengths and weaknesses as a coach, and learn how to leverage accountability for acting toward their goals.
By the end of the workshop, participants will leave with a concrete action plan tailored to their individual needs and goals and a personalized accountability plan to ensure follow-through. 

This course is ideal for military leaders looking to develop their coaching skills and support their teams' well-being and high performance.

*If you have already participated in the 5 day Military Sherpa Coaching Certification Program - this class is not for you.

what students can expect:

Understand the fundamentals of coaching:
Students will learn the key concepts and techniques involved in coaching, including active listening, asking powerful questions, and providing constructive feedback.

Develop coaching skills:
Students will develop their coaching skills and learn how to use the CORE process to help people reach their goals and improve their performance. 

Gain self-awareness:
Through the CORE process, students will learn to become more self-aware and identify their strengths and weaknesses as a coach.

Build relationships:
Students will learn to build trust and rapport and create a space high in psychological safety.

Enhance communication skills:
Students will learn to communicate effectively and tailor their style to meet their charges’ needs.

Set and achieve goals:
Students will learn to create goals and follow through on action plans.

Emphasize accountability:
Students will learn how to leverage accountability for taking action toward their goals and provide ongoing support and encouragement.

what's included:
  • Certificate of completion
  •  Free Copy of "The Leader's Garden, How to Grow Healthy, High-Performing People" E-book
  •  Bonus: Printable coaching worksheets & coaching prompts
  • ​Access to Monthly Live Q & A 

The Leader's Garden 

Growing healthy, high-performing people is a leadership skill-set, and "The Leader's Garden" makes it easy to learn and teach.
In "The Leaders Garden," Mark Tilsher simplifies complex leadership problems and provides simple, actionable tools you will be able to implement at work and home IMMEDIATELY.
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experiences Through Our Programs!
"Eye opening! This course gave me the ability to see myself through others eyes. To experience both the victories and hardships of working for me, and with me. The crux of this entire program is it's simplicity and practically. Thanks Mark and the GiANT team for developing the gem."
"Going into this training I thought it was going to be good but I wasn’t expecting it to be as amazing as it was! 

The amount of information/resources/tools/connections you receive is truly second to none. Mark knows this material and is passionate about it, and it shows.

This isn’t a course designed only for active duty, it translates to all relationships in life. 

I am excited about brining this not only to my team but to Joint Base Lewis-McChord!"
"The amount of information, tools, videos etc. provided during the transforming team communication course is invaluable. 

As a First Sergeant, this material will make it 10 times easier for me to pour into my unit and local community.

 Thanks so much for doing the hard work for us."
"This course was absolutely phenomenal! Learned a plethora of new information and even some affirmation to what I have already knew. Mark has been extremely available, open and authentic with include his past. Will definitely advocate on behalf of this course and even attempt to enable at my Wing."


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