Mark, your Military Sherpa, draws from his background of 21 years of service in the United States Military as he helps active duty and civilian leaders grow High-Performing Teams where people THRIVE. Mark's focus is on practical change that can have an immediate and measurable impact on both the morale of your teams and through your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

He leads a team of professionals that serve as your de facto Chief People Officers, who are skilled at objectively assessing your team's culture & performance and measurably improving your results in less than ninety days.

Team Workshops
Workshop-based training for teams of 5-100 members tailored to your individual challenges and audience 

In-person or virtual workshop formats are available.
Customized Leader Intensives and individual or group coaching for all leaders, from CEO to front-line supervisors.

Invincible Teams
An objective assessment of your team's culture & performance; coupled with a system that will measurably improve both in 90-days less.


  • Certifications: 5 Voices/Gears & Leader Toolkit
  • Host a Workshop: In person or Virtual
  • Online Training: Practical & On-Demand


I'm Mark, your Sherpa
Mark is the founder and president of Military Sherpa Group, LLC, a consultancy which unlocks the potential in people. My mission is to empower, equip and elevate the contributions of every Voice at the table, and to extend those tables to include and welcome Voices that need to be heard. We create self-aware, emotionally intelligent individuals and teams who communicate effectively, and achieve greater alignment, expanded capacity, enhanced performance and stronger relationships. 

Mark holds the highest level of consulting and coaching certification with GiANT, the world leader in leadership and team performance for the 21st Century.

He draws from his background of 21 years of service in the Airforce to guide his clients on an engaging and transformational journey, along with years of tested leadership experience in the public realm to help clients navigate real-world challenges to experience lasting personal and professional growth.

He has served businesses, non-profits, government organizations.
Become. Build. Lead.
2022 can be the year where you gain clarity, think differently and become a leader that people want to follow. I would love to serve as your Guide. Let's connect over the phone or Zoom… or better yet, in person.
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